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I grew up around spotlights, photo cameras and film rolls; next to my photographer father. My favourite place was always the development laboratory, where the magic of converting negatives into immortal memories happened.

With Irene Bozza I continue with the legacy of bringing moments to life in creations that last forever.

My experience brings an explanation of everything that I have learned throughout my professional career, an exciting world that combines the precision of engineering, the identity of fashion and the ability to immortalise moments that photography has.

The complexity of Andalusian architecture, the still vibrant gold of the Byzantine and Mozarabic mosaics and the uniqueness and intelligence of the proportions that I find in nature converge in my creations.

Thus was born the Conscious Fine Jewelry, a concept that combines knowledge about the jewel that is being acquired and value to people and the Environment.

Ethics, design and exclusivity.
This is the fine jewelry that I love.



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