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Sustainable jewelry to elevate your summer look.

Sustainable jewelry to elevate your summer look. Jewelry has been linked to human beings since its beginnings. It has always expressed status, glamour, and in many occasions, a fashion sense of its own. Do you think your look needs a little “touch” to improve? Do not think too much, because in Irene Bozza you can


The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

We are looking for the perfect gift. A gift that expresses everything we want to convey to the recipient. Looking for a unique, customizable gift that respects the environment? Well, you’ve already found it! When you think of that special person, you want the gift to express your unique feelings through an exclusive jewel and


Three reasons to give ethical jewellery at Christmas time

Ethical and conscious jewellery is something that goes beyond the gesture of giving a simple piece. Besides the design of high jewellery, which is always and will always be a rising value, we are giving something that transcends time, that goes beyond the gesture: it is a bet on the future. The value of jewellery

Edge Rings Orbit Collection

Edge Rings de Orbit Collection

A combination of elegance and personality, Edge designs are inspired by the most harmonious architecture that blends with nature and its symbiosis makes it simply unique. Its design represents strength and personal expression, providing an elegant and versatile touch. The master craftsmen and precious materials make this piece an eternal design. This piece, which stands


Sustainable jewelry as an ethical philosophy

Sustainable jewelry has a character that goes beyond the mere design of a jewel to be enjoyed with pride. We are talking about a more transcendental work with respect to our environment and how we relate to it. It is not just a matter of finding traceable gemstones and using them in unique designs, but

piedras preciosas sostenibles

How to choose a sustainable gemstone jewel

When we think of gems the last thing we think of is that there might be something called sustainable gems. Whether you call them sustainable gemstones or traceable gems, this responsible way of obtaining the gems to design unique pieces, becomes the most committed and conscious way to enjoy high jewelry. The average consumer does

alta joyería sostenible

Sustainable Fine Jewelry, the commitment of consciousness.

When what is essential for you are people and planet earth, the commitment to both leads to absolute transparency and thus Irene Bozza is born, sustainable fine jewelry designed from conscience. Jewelry industry The act of acquiring a piece of jewelry is an act of love, either for yourself or for someone else. The process



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