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Sustainable Fine Jewelry, the commitment of consciousness.

When what is essential for you are people and planet earth, the commitment to both leads to absolute transparency and thus Irene Bozza is born, sustainable fine jewelry designed from conscience.

Jewelry industry

The act of acquiring a piece of jewelry is an act of love, either for yourself or for someone else.

The process behind each piece of jewelry begins with the extraction of the metal and gemstones, and it is here that the vital questions about the working conditions and human rights of workers and the environmental impact of these actions begin.

In 2018, both Human Rights Watch and the Investor Alliance for Human Rights* issued calls to action for the jewelry industry. They cited continuing reports of brutal mining conditions, child labor, forced displacement of indigenous groups, enrichment by violent armed groups, and mining-related toxic pollution affecting the health of entire communities. Both calls for action focused on urging the jewelry industry not only to implement sound human rights due diligence practices, but also to publicly report on these practices annually.

“Precious metals and gems are often used to commemorate the most sacred and momentous events in the human experience. It is unconscionable that these gifts are built on human suffering and injustice”

Mark Regier, Vice President of Stewardship Investing, Everence Financial and the Praxis Mutual Funds.

alta joyería sostenible

How do we become sustainable?

Irene Bozza, provides all the information to know what is behind each piece, and so that your purchase is conscious.

A sustainable jewelry design must take into account, the metal and gemstones (extraction and working and human conditions), the elaboration of the piece (where and how), environmental impact and packaging.

In this article we are going to talk about the metal, specifically gold.

Gold mining not only exploits through tons of rock, transforming landscapes and habitats, it also contaminates water and soil and exposes workers to poisonous chemicals. Both large industrial mines and small-scale unregulated mines have poor safety standards and pollute people and the environment with devastating effects.

Mining is the largest contributor to mercury pollution worldwide. When mercury is used to refine gold, it is not uncommon for miners to mix this neurotoxin with their own hands and the excess is dumped into the ground or river, and the contamination spreads. Gold mines also dump hundreds of thousands of tons of cyanide and other toxic heavy metals each year. And when this gets into the waterways, it spreads for hundreds of miles.

Gold can be recycled countless times and never loses its properties. Since there are already tons of gold in circulation, we decided to take advantage of existing gold, and use recycled gold to create sustainable 18k jewelry.

The gold we use is 100% recycled from the Heimerle + Meule group, which has its own recycling patent, complies with all environmental regulations, and thus ensures that it does not come from new mining.

With recycled gold we achieve a lower impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a reduction in the extraction of resources from our planet and, in some cases, a product composition that does not feed human rights or environmental abuses.

Because Luxury and Jewelry should not give up on sustainability. It is possible to create designer and ethical pieces, so that you look like a unique jewel full of value.

Irene Bozza provides transparency and traceability; we have a conscious and ongoing commitment to each of our designs.

Be an ambassador of your own conscience.

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