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How to choose a sustainable gemstone jewel

When we think of gems the last thing we think of is that there might be something called sustainable gems. Whether you call them sustainable gemstones or traceable gems, this responsible way of obtaining the gems to design unique pieces, becomes the most committed and conscious way to enjoy high jewelry.

The average consumer does not usually know where the gems come from or in what condition they have been extracted. Behind each gem there is an enormous human effort and resources to obtain them, and it is often said that they generate wealth where they end up, not where they are extracted. Mining and the labor practices that surround it are in many cases something opaque, unknown and difficult to trace.

All the suppliers with which Irene Bozza works guarantee the origin of the gem, and in addition its extraction is carried out in an ethical manner, complying with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

With these objectives we guarantee decent working conditions, respect for the environment, and improvements in the areas where we operate, mainly Sri Lanka and Tanzania, contributing 25% of the suppliers’ profits to charitable and community projects.

What we are clear about is that if you have made it this far, you are not the average consumer. You are someone who cares about what you buy and the impact your actions have, and that includes enjoying sustainable jewellery.

How do you know if you are dealing with ethical jewelry with sustainable precious stones?

The firm or jeweler must indicate the origin of the gem with the exact mine where it has been extracted, and if they do not have this information, it means that there is no guarantee of the extraction process and what surrounds it.

The only official certificate that exists is for diamonds with the so-called Kimberley Process where it is assured that the diamond does not come from a conflict zone.

Enjoyment of sustainable high jewellery is possible. It is an exercise in awareness of the environment and people, being part of the process when acquiring them.

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