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How do we do it?
With ethics and sustainability

Conscious Fine Jewelry is the leitmotiv of the Irene Bozza process. But what does it consist of?

Knowing the origin of the raw materials and the process, knowing what and who is behind each piece and having an idea about what you are buying so that your purchase is

Irene Bozza only works with suppliers that guarantee the traceability of gems and whose extraction is done ethically, complying with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). See more

Amongst them we highlight:

  • Children do not work for us.
  • We do not allow discrimination.
  • Fair salaries.
  • Zero tolerance for forced labour and abuse.
  • A safe and healthy workplace.
  • Fair trade.
  • Conflict free.
  • 25% of the profits from suppliers help to contribute to charity projects and communities in the areas where they operate (Sri Lanka and Tanzania mainly).

Origin of the materials


Gold can be recycled an infinite amount of times, without its properties being affected.

As a large quantity of gold is already in circulation, by recycling we continue to decrease the impact that the mining industry creates.

Irene Bozza gold is 100% recycled from the group Heimerle + Meule, which has its own recycling patent, complies with all the environmental regulations, and we can be assured that it does not come from new mining.

They are certified by the LBMA who are responsible for demanding that it is responsible metal. SEE LBMA CERTIFICATE



Irene Bozza diamonds come from Canada and Russia.
The quality of the diamonds is a minimum of VS-G.
They do not come from conflict zones and this is guaranteed by the Kimberly Process certificate. See more

Do you want to quickly know how to buy a diamond??


The natural sapphires and opals are from Central Queensland, Australia, other sapphires from Sri Lanka and Tanzania, and the rest of the gems are mainly from Brazil.

Except for the diamonds, for the rest of the precious and semiprecious stones, there is not an official certificate that verifies that they are from outside of a conflict zone.

You must know that the vast majority of the gems in the market have a treatment to highlight the tone and cover imperfections. It is commonly known and not aggressive, the “heat treatment” (it is not named in the descriptions of the gems). Therefore, when nature offers “natural” gems, it is to say, without treatment, their price is much higher, because of the shortage and rarity of these.



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