Irene Bozza is ethical and sustainable

Getting to know the origin of the raw materials and the process, know what and who is behind each piece and get a sense of what you are buying so that you are fully aware of your purchase.

Your favourites

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    Affinitá Earrings

    | 7.000$
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    BenBen High Ring

    | 4.800$
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    Natural Sapphire Edge Ring

    | 3.799$
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    Orbita Earrings

    | 4.840$
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    Orbita Ring

    | 4.200$

You are the jewel

The women that have chosen Irene Bozza fuse luxury and exclusivity, sustainability and ethics and they need to know what and who participates in the process before it becomes the final piece.

They don’t conform only with beauty, they want to know what there is behind each piece in this secretive world, which until now only becomes clear. Therefore, they feel a complex simplicity wearing each Irene Bozza jewel as if it were a second skin, in any place and moment of the day.

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