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A few lines that help the transformation

All Irene Bozza jewels start with a hand-drawn, sketch that captures my ideas and the perception that becomes percept.

The step from mind to paper and from this to the final design becomes the perfect metaphor of the transforming process that Conscious Fine Jewelry has.

Our philosophy

Choosing an Irene Bozza piece is respecting the environment and people, it is knowing what there is behind each jewel through the traceability and transparency that each piece has.

Only with the power of knowledge we are free to choose, therefore being conscious people.

Would you like to be conscious? 

Creative and artisanal process

Each jewel is designed by Irene Bozza with lines that materialise graphically in 3D moulded figures. This grouping of traditional and cutting-edge is the result of the artisanally produced and unique pieces that are hand-made in Spain.

The firm of those
who search for authenticity

Authenticity is the concept of the real, the very soul of things. 

Those who choose Irene Bozza fuse luxury and exclusivity, sustainability and ethics, they need to know what and who participates in the process until it becomes the final piece.

They don’t conform only with beauty, they want to know what there is behind each piece in this secretive world, which until now only becomes clear.

The term Conscious is our identity.
Only with knowledge we are free to choose.



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