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Jewels have a guarantee period of 12 months from the date that the jewel is ready to send.
The guarantee only covers damage not caused by accidents, inappropriate use or normal wear.
If on receiving the order the jewel is broken you must tell us within 7 days.

IRENE BOZZA is synonymous with Conscious Fine Jewelry, which encourages a purchase where the type of consumption we make is being thought about.
Each piece is made artisanally and is exclusive for the customer upon request. We have initial advice on how to make your purchase with the best knowledge and how you can be helped to make your decision about your purchase.

Therefore, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on any made to order piece and/or discounted pieces.

Pieces that you acquire in Stock,
you can return them within a maximum period of 14 business days, in the
same conditions in which they were delivered, without damage or
noticeable use, with the intact label. Otherwise, the return will not be
effective. Valid only for member countries of the European Union. For
your return contact to hello@irenebozza.com


As the pieces are done exclusively for each customer, the time stipulated for production is approximately 3-4 calendar weeks.
On occasion, we do “magic” and the Irene Bozza jewel can be ready earlier than stipulated, tell us at hello@irenebozza.com


Spain: 1-2 work days

Canary Islands: 2-3 work days

Rest Europe: 2-3 work days

America: 2-3 work days

Asia: 3-4 work days

Oceania: 3-4 work days

Africa: 4-5 work days

The transport agency will be in direct communication with the customer at all times to indicate the course of your order.

The customer will be responsible for the costs of customs and tax for each country.


Size Diameter (millimetres)
4 14 mm
5 14,3 mm
6 and 7 15 mm
8 15,3 mm
9 15,6 mm
10 15,9 mm
11 16,2 mm
12 16,5 mm
13 16,8 mm
14 17,2 mm
15 17,5 mm
16 17,8 mm
17 18,1 mm
18 18,4 mm
19 18,8 mm
20 19,1 mm
21 19,4 mm
22 19,7 mm
23 20 mm
24 20,3 mm
25 20,6 mm
26 21 mm
27 21,3 mm
28 21,6 mm
29 22 mm
30 22,3 mm


Size Diameter (millimetres)
S 55 mm
M 60 mm
L 65 mm

The gift card is valid for a year to choose the desired article.
The cost of this card will not be refunded.

Yes, when purchasing you must indicate this, and a card will be delivered with the desired comment.

Irene Bozza jewels are made artisanally therefore, there is not one identical to another.

Given the exclusive characteristics of each IRENE BOZZA jewel, there can be slight tonal differences in the gems between the photograph on the website and the jewel you receive, just as the existence of any porosity in the gold typical of the artisanal technique used.

To buy a diamond and make the correct choice, we should pay attention to 4 basic factors. The combination of these is what will determine the quality of your diamond:

1. CLARITY        2. COLOUR       3. CUT       4. WEIGHT


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This treaty was created to control the exploitation of diamonds. It is a system of certification whose objective is to exclude countries that are immersed in conflict so as to not to finance the devastating situation with the purchase of their diamonds.

Irene Bozza creates their own designs and they are developed through artisanal production in Spain.

Uniquely they are produced in 18 kt recycled gold and precious and semiprecious stones with traceability, that is to say, we know the origin of the gems.

No, we work under European regulations and the alloys also pass quality controls for their correct certification and production.



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