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Three reasons to give ethical jewellery at Christmas time

Ethical and conscious jewellery is something that goes beyond the gesture of giving a simple piece. Besides the design of high jewellery, which is always and will always be a rising value, we are giving something that transcends time, that goes beyond the gesture: it is a bet on the future.

The value of jewellery can be established in economic, it is true, but normally it always means much more:

Style: you are giving away a piece whose value is centred on design, something that attracts attention, that enhances but is not totally protagonist if you don’t want to.

Value: it is difficult for good quality stones to lose their value, as well as precious metals. It is an investment in the future, it is a gesture that goes beyond the “now”.

Ethics: because buying a piece of jewellery is easy. Choosing it knowing that what we are selecting is a commitment to the environment, not to the exploitation of people but to the fair treatment and responsibility adds even more value to that gesture. The value of committing yourself and being aware of what surrounds us.

When selecting the piece you want to give away, think about how you can add extra value to it, something that does not stop meaning luxury and excellence but also increases it: dare to think about the ethical and conscious dimension of these pieces, as simple but as deep as asking yourself where they come from, what is the origin of each element that makes them up.

Thus, when you give it away, either to other people or to yourself, the piece will take on a greater, more interesting, richer and more valuable dimension such as commitment, your commitment to what surrounds you.

These pieces, which are as much of a protagonist as you want, whether in the foreground or as something that enhances your outfit, contribute not only the aspect of luxury but also that of being a person in tune with the world around them.

If you want an ideal gift, a piece that truly expresses your conscience without giving up the luxury of owning a unique piece of jewellery, ethical and sustainable jewellery is the answer.

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